iOS top features for iPhone 6

iOS top features for iPhone 6 .

iOS top features for iPhone 6 In 2014, more than ever, iPhone can not be compared with the big “stars” of the Android. iPhone 6   camera is not revolutionary, but it is very good
At first glance, the camera does not bring major changes, as it has an 8 MP sensor that keeps the size of ⅓” from its predecessor, but the small improvements promised to make a difference: we are talking about focus pixels (technology similar to phase detection pixels on LG G3 and SGS5), about a higher speed when taking pictures and on an intuitive interface.
Moreover, the simple interface supports multiple users: You can enable or disable the flash and the HDR function and you can select to take a ordinary or squared  photo  or a panorama. Burst function is enabled by default if you hold down the camera capture button and a simple tap to select the focus determines your ability to change the exposure.

Despite the limited options of camera, compared to available models Samsung, HTC and LG, the picture quality is very good for automatic settings. The colors are a bit oversaturated, but personally I like it, while white balance and contrast are suitable.
By default, HDR function is set to Auto, but you can easily enable or disable. Although commonly phones need about 2-3 seconds to take a picture HDR, iPhone 6 need just a second. Differences between a picture with HDR and one without HDR are subtle, perhaps because the second has high quality. Also you can make panoramic photos up to 43 MP, with a good result. At night, iPhone 6 made also quality photos, both in terms of color and in terms of relatively low noise level. iPhone 6 camera is capable of recording in Full-HD 1080p, and the results are more than good, with a clear and fluent image  including sudden changes of direction. Here it is worth mentioning that the iPhone 6 can record slow-motion with 120 fps or 240 fps.
Beyond hardware, pictures  application management has been enhanced,  having more complex features for you to process better the photos  before you publish.

iPhone 6 uses a Li-Po 1810 mAh battery, which could have a greater capacity if Apple would not be insisted to make the phone so thin.
The good news is that the autonomy is decent for a smartphone of the 2014 year. In common usage, which involves permanent activation of Wi-Fi’s and / or a data connection, one or two hours of browsing, regular access to applications such as Mail, Facebook or Evernote and the occasional use of the camera, the  phone lasts at least one working day before being recharged. Therefore, you will need to load every night, but fears of a lower autonomy prove to be unfounded.
Now, in the menu Settings – General – Usage – Battery usage,  iOS 8 allows you to see which applications consume most energy. It is useful to uninstall, if necessary, applications that consume too much energy.

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Clash of Clans: Strategies Every Beginner Must Learn

Clash of Clans: Strategies Every Beginner Must Learn


From the time, Clash of Clans has been made available globally in both Android and iOS platforms; it has quickly gained popularity and generated significant revenues. While the game is made available for free, you may end up spending more than what you intend to if you get hooked to the game. In-game purchases will be necessary if you want to advance quicker in the game and to build better defenses against your opponents. To avoid over-spending on the game, it will help if you can learn various Clash of Clans Game Strategies, which will be very useful especially for beginners. One good thing about the game is it would not take long before you learn the ropes of it, but you should learn how to execute a variety of strategies to enjoy a better gaming experience.

clash of clans 2015

Location of your Clan Castle


One of the first things you have to learn about Clash of Clans game strategies would be the optimal location of your clan castle. In this case, according to pros, it is best to have it positioned on the center, which will be significant in making it helpful for your defensive strategies. If the castle is positioned outside of your base, your opponents can easily hide on them and will make it easy for them to claim your base.


Initiating Matchmaking Early On


As you begin playing the game, you will have a 3-day shield and during this point, only a few of your opponents will be interested in having you attacked. Because of this, you should take the opportunity to begin with matchmaking in an instant. Start looking around to gather the resources you will need while your opponents are still not hot on fighting with you.


Use Your Spells Sparingly


Another thing you have to learn about Clash of Clans hack game strategies is how you should never use your spells without giving it a second thought. Your spells will take a while before they can be produced. If you are going to buy them, you might need to spend a lot, which should give you sufficient reason to be as careful as possible in using such. For instance, if you are going to use a healing spell, you will need about 15,000 elixirs. See to it that you will first before spending on spells.

As a beginner, you will have 500 gems by the time you start playing Clash of Clans. After the tutorial, 50 gems will already be deducted. When it comes to Clash of Clans game strategies, you should also learn how to save your gems, which will be helpful in creating extra builders in a manner that is quicker.

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iPhone 6 makes no exception!

Apple always impressed by the quality construction and attention to detail, and iPhone 6 makes no exception. Of course, the larger dimensions of the phone are the ones that first come out, but as a user of a smartphone with 5.1″ I took it as something natural. I was impressed by how well was connected the phone parts that make it look like a whole. Unibody format, which does not allow access to the battery, contribute partially to this.

IPhone 6’s hardware platform is provided by a proprietary Apple A8 chipset where was implemented a dual-core 1.4 GHz Cyclone, GX6450 PowerVR graphics and 1GB RAM. The figures are far from impressed compared to Qualcomm chipsets top and the 3G RAM provide by some smartphones and phablet’s, but the raw data is less important when the manufacturer is creating the software too.

iPhone 6 tricks

iOS 8 is so well designed and optimized, that iPhone 6 runs fluent in any application or game. Navigating to homescreen is easy, to start and use applications is fluent in the background even after more than 10 applications remain open and switch between multiple applications also performed in a short time.

As well are things when it comes to games. Asphalt 8: Airborne and Real Racing 3, two demanding games for mobile platforms run without any lag, meaning that the graphics image is really powerful.

iPhone 6 uses iOS8 operating system (an update to iOS 8.1 was available for the first time of the terminal), which is without major changes in terms of interface, but allows developers to produce applications with multiple functions.

Therefore, ordinary users will have no problem to accommodate with the new version of the operating system, but will notice a refining of notification center that allows a shorter reaction time: now, the so-called Notification Center lets you answer direct messages, comment on Facebook or mark a task from calendar as complete without getting into each application.

Apple has implemented a function similar to “One hand operation” available on the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Notes Series: by a double tap on the Home button, the screen is reduced to about two-thirds of the actual length. The function named Reachability is useful for those who do not get with the finger to the top of the screen when is used only one hand, but lacks the sophistication of Samsung phones, as position and size window can be customized.

In addition, the function Share to certain services from the context menu of an application can be implemented by the developers too, function which is already for long time on Android.

But perhaps one of the major news is the permission to use the third-party keyboards. In my opinion, the standard iPhone keyboard is quite outdated, since access numbers and special characters is difficult, so the ability to use applications like SwiftKey is more than welcome.

At the level of connectivity, iPhone 6 references using the new Wi-Fi standard needle, while data connections supports 3G and 4G speeds up to 150 Mbps.

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