How do you make an old iPhone or iPad a bit faster

The folks at Apple are very effective in launch several smartphones and tablets every year. Fortunately, this does not mean that you are automatically forced to upgrade. An old iPhone can be used without problems for several years.

The biggest problem that comes with using an iPad or iPhone Old related to performance issues. They are becoming more evident as the years pass. Apple updates acknowledgment, while beneficial as functionality and security, fail to significantly slow down an older iDevice.


If you’ve already done but update and want to uproot every ounce of performance from your old iPhone or iPad, there are some tips that you can implement. Meanwhile, if a new game, more demanding, running hard on your phone and it’s important you accept that it’s time to upgrade.

Restart your phone or tablet – It might seem obvious or stupid but old tip ,, close it and open it “applies perfectly in the case of the old iPhone. Basically, once a week would be good to close and open any iDevice you trouble. Increase frequency for devices that have passed the first youth.
Discard the aesthetic fireworks of iOS – iOS Each version has introduced some elements of transparency, transition effects and other visual artifcii designed to delight you. They achieve their goal on iPhones in the last two years, but an iPhone 5 or 4S, running the latest version of iOS nothing looks good and if any other ways to improve performance loc.Pentru stands on a iDevice and Cancel small animations and effects of transparency, click the Settings or Settings, General menu in the Accessibility section. This reduces motion off – Reduction Increase movement and enter the contrast, which must reduce transparency – Reduce Transparency.
Delete unnecessary applications and release a bit of space – If you are still users of iPhone 8 or 16GB, sorry. It is very hard to resist the temptation to take pictures and short movies with your phone, and they do a great job to fill your memory and force yourself to stay even with 0 MB free. Several GB of free space does not significantly influence the performance of an iDevice, but 200 – 300MB is recommended. To solve the space problem, if you can not detach memories by downloading them to a computer or in the cloud, go into Settings – General – Use iCloud or storage and iCloud Storage & Usage. In the new page, the Manage Storage and Storage Management, you can see what apps are the most space and from here you can delete them after you’ve selected.
Discard updates in the background – the background or Background Section Refresh Refresh App applications is the ability to make data traffic when not in use in order to give you the latest information when to go. For most applications, this feature can be disabled without any unpleasant consequences and significant performance benefits. Careful, however, not clear from this menu applications like WhatsApp, which must have permanently the most recent discussions. Phone autonomy will be increased significantly.
Delete old messages – There is no theoretical limit to the number of SMS that you can store on your iPhone. It is unlimited. When we are talking about thousands of messages, especially if you use an older iPhone, it would be nice to delete one of them. In any other circumstances, there is a risk Messages application to initialize or difficult to see how the entire interface cling fast if you walk among all. To delete entire conversations, it needs a simple Swype from right to left. Optionally, you can press the top right to edit and quickly select multiple messages. Alternatively forever in Settings – Messages on Hold messages, select a lower value than permanent.
Disable search suggestions made by Siri. If you’ve come to depend on Spotlight search easier access because the running applications, this detail might frustrate you. Unfortunately, its impact on Chapter processing skills is significant. To disable this feature, go to the Spotlight Search from the Settings – General and uncheck the item at the top of the list. From here you can disable the feature for all applications or only a few,
Apple applications are more nimble than those made by third parties and not to be avoided.


For each browser or picture viewer, there are alternatives created by Apple that could move better and would be more useful in the long term. Do not get excited a few extra features in Chrome, Safari use. Try to get used to Apple Maps and ignore a dedicated email client than the one implicit – Mail.
If possible, postpone new updates for iOS for older phones. The folks at Apple are very generous in offering a new version of iOS a huge number of users. Unfortunately, the same process can turn your iPhone into trinket, especially if you are a user of an older version of iOS. Remember that, once installed, a new iOS can not be removed easily and certainly can not be replaced with something old. The first iPad with the latest version of supported firmware is absurdly slow. If you like to spend a long time online, documented sure of the impact of a newly launched versions of firmware on your smartphone. Eventually, wait a few weeks before installing it to ensure it does not lose more than you win.
Full restoration to factory settings is done immediately. In the case of using a new phone that refuses to be good at something, you can take a radical decision priving host content on it. To do this, go into Settings or Settings, and go to the General Reset. Here you have several options you can experiment to see what impact they have on an old iPhone. Try first with Reset all settings – Clear all settings and Reset Network Settings.


Not working? Choose to Erase all content and settings or delete content and configurations, accepting in advance that you will lose all data.
Opt out completely shut recent apps. – Since the introduction of multitasking on the iPhone, it was very easy to jump from one application to another recent. The same interface allowed you to close programs you no longer need. Unfortunately, this feature enhances the phone’s battery life or performance, although it has become a tic lately. Any application must be completely closed to start from scratch again, eventually consuming more resources than if you had it open in the background.

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Snapchat Social Media Safety Guide

There is a way that helps not to delete messages automatically. This is called Snapchat Hack and do this so you need to use.

It has no buttons like, share or comment, Snapchat is largely a proof hate speech. I mean … I can not swear if anyone does not like anything to me, at least the public can do to attract others. So I feel uncomfortable to charge what I want and be more natural!


And on this occasion, I arrived and answer the question “why are people Snapchat, I do not see the point ?!”. Not see the point because they do not try to understand it, because if you understand you conclude that naturalness and authenticity posts on Snapchat are, in fact, the key driver of Snapchat, not self-destructing messages.


Yes. It is widely used. From my observations, 6 out of 10 teenagers use Snapchat. I have a strange defect professional, what networks are careful when people are walking down the street, when shopping or coffee.


So I concluded that a confrontation with other social networks, Snapchat would not place it as low. I have not yet established the details, but I think I can say that we already have a new colleague in the agency. He is 18, is a senior at high school do video editing and design in a big way and she already held some training on Adobe Premiere.


I discovered Snapchat. No, I have not found. We discovered and so we started talking. He timis portfolio in a minute mail and a few days later I had my first video interview via Snapchat.

I think right now Necktie Agency is the first and only agency in Romania who recruited through Snapchat. It was nothing deliberate happened simply because Snapchat gave us an opportunity and we took it. I gave this detail to understand that Snapchat has great potential for many fields, not to boast of our achievements of, because we are not specific.


By the way, I already used for communication campaigns to customers and we are pleased with the results. We do not have anything to compare them, unfortunately, but we are satisfied.

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How do you create your own app for Android?

Discover how you can make their own .apk app for smartphones with Android, even without programming, and what programs are needed or you can use online tools to create an application.

To achieve mobile applications so you can use special software if they want to create something more complex, but lasts longer, and websites to create mobile applications for Android that are simple to setup.


Creating programs for Android: the best program is evident that offered by the team behind the Android operating system, namely Android SDK that you can download here, and if you use Eclipse and ADT can download the plugin here. Before beginning work on applications, you should first follow tutorials for creating user applications on

The advantages are that you have more freedom, you can add more functions and can use their own design applications, and if you have the account application adding Adsense you can monetize advertising.

The disadvantages are that occupy some memory SDK on your computer, you need some technical knowledge to carry out an application and takes more time to create something of quality. It depends on your knowledge and if you have patience. You understand also that you really need programming skills, a team of investment and to make a 5 star app.

Websites for Android realization: if installing software in your PC is not an option and you have limited time, then you can use online tools available for creating applications for Android .apk.

The advantages are that it takes less to set an application, you can make an application in less than 30 minutes, no need to install software on your PC, and you just have to fill in some details.

The disadvantages are that you can not accomplish very complex applications, in some cases applications will be limited or will have advertising included the website in question.

Appery – is a website that lets you make free Android applications are available more features, is among the most complete development system that I found online, and allows you to test application live directly in the browser. Like I said earlier, there is no need to download a program, everything is “in the cloud” with an intuitive interface, and you can also find tutorials for different types of applications. If you want to create an Android application for personal blog or website must choose based application that will add RSS feed content into the application from the website. It also lets you customize more application because it provides access and programming, editing HTML / CSS. I recommend you try it!


AppyPie – is also a service in the cloud, like the first, but the free plan only allows creating applications for Android and HTML5 platforms. It’s easy to use, practical application setting are guided directly by, but at the same time have fewer customization options. You can see the tutorial in English below:

Now you know how you create an Android application for the site, or how to turn your blog into an app.

If you need to graphically design an application seeking free graphics on GraficBox Romania and for questions or additional tools with which you can develop applications not hesitate to leave a comment or you can ask the board.

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Volkswagen presented Phideon

Volkswagen presented Phideon


Volkswagen will stop production in March 2016 Phaeton luxury model that was supposed to compete with Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series
Volkswagen will suspend production in March 2016 Phaeton luxury model, the most exclusive range of German and whose price rises to 89.650 euros (98.100 dollars) amid scandal cost reduction in emissions is produced forward Bloomberg.Phaeton Dresden, the smallest VW factory, and was “soul project” of former president Ferdinand Piech.
Project development cost over one billion euros, and last year were produced only 4,000 units.


Phaeton had to compete with Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series, but never failed to meet sales targets since it was launched in 2002.
“The production in Dresden will be suspended during the restructuring phase,” said Jens Rothe, head of VW workers’ council Saxony.
The plant in Dresden will be modernized for a year here will be produced electric model Phaeton, probably in Dresden 2019. Most employees will be moved to the Volkswagen factory in Zwickau.Joi, VW union representatives announced that the German company will give year 600 future employees with temporary contract work at the plant in Zwickau.
Zwickau unit is the fifth largest VW factory in Germany, where 8,800 employees assemble the Golf and Passat models. Rigging scandal engines, the worst in the history of Volkswagen erupted on Sept. 18, and VW has lost more than 20 billion of market capitalization.

Volkswagen presented Phideon top sedan that gives clues about the next generation Phaeton
Geneva Volkswagen presented Phideon top sedan to be launched in the fall in the Chinese market. The model will be available with four-cylinder engines, and the top version with 300 hp V6 will be. Phideon will be inspired from the next generation Phaeton, the “flagship” of Volkswagen, which had extremely weak sales so far.
Volkswagen presented Phideon. Phideon over 5 meters long and is built on the MLB platform they are built on models like the Audi A6 and Porsche Macan. Phideon addresses wealthy Chinese clients who have driver and who are willing to give tens of thousands of dollars a limousine version germana.Phideon will also have 300 horsepower engine in China, but also more economical 2.0-liter variants. And will in future hybrid version. It is unlikely that car to reach this form in Europe, but the design elements will be found in the second-generation Phaeton that will launch later in 2019.

The car is 5.05 meters long, 1.87 meters wide and 1.48 meters high, is slightly shorter than the Phaeton, but with 3 cm taller. Volkswagen presented Phideon

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cell-phone tracker

If there is something that accompanies me since my first trips when I started with this hobby of traveling, it is without doubt a good GPS Navigator without Internet for mobile. I am of those who say that the best of a city is lost between the neighborhoods and streets, but after this is important find and be able to return to your hostel or hotel. But this is sometimes very complicated when you take hours walking toward different directions in a completely unknown city moved by curiosity and the desire to explore new places.

Brandon Oakes is manager at OriginGPS, a company that makes GPS modules. Oakes now has its say and criticized many industry greats from the wearable segment that these trackers obstruct any GPS modules with their high-end fitness. This would cost the company a few dollars per unit, this would be in the high price segment not a big obstacle.

He can understand that for many users step numbers are more important than the distance traveled. Nevertheless, a GPS tracking is not a big expense for the manufacturer and a useful feature for all users.
The new devices Fitbit Fitbit Blaze and Alta have about both a GPS module and reaped among others for this lack of relative a lot of criticism from the scene and from users. Many Smartwatchtes that are geared towards sports, have approximately over GPS tracking. Pure Fitness Tracker but do not usually.

Oakes breaks its opinion to the simple conclusion down: “Fitbit has no excuses for it.” Whether the major manufacturers still dare to a GPS tracking or whether they will continue to outsource this to smartwatches and -phones remains to be seen. In any event, a fitness tracker with GPS function would be a small revolution in the market.

Paper maps can also be of great help, but there is nothing like using a browser GPS free Internet (offline), so data overseas rates does not end with our savings as we also saw with the translators offline.

There are many apps both Android and iPhone, but for me, the title to the best GPS without Internet browser is disputed between these 3 options:
In my opinion is the most complete to travel the world application and which have always installed on your mobile. It uses the known maps from Open Street Map and Wikipedia, being downloaded within the app in a very simple way and allow navigation detailed, quick, intuitive and clean, and like other apps, nor need Internet. GPS

This GPS Navigator offline has practical utilities for travelers who want to go to the most interesting places in the area, called POI’s, also has dozens of always updated maps, routes for car or walk, GPX navigation, compass, voice navigation, different languages to choose from,… among many other functions.

It’s free for both Android and iPhone (free version allows 10 downloads, the Premium version is required for more downloads).


First paper road maps disappeared devoured by the GPS. Today the GPS are low by the success of smartphones hours since these small appliances, in addition to its GPS function, have many other applications of undoubted utility for travelers. GPS

How to track a cell phone

But be careful. If you are traveling abroad and use your phone GPS  programs that consume data (Online), the joke you can go face on your next phone bill.

Download maps in Google Maps offline depending on the version you have installed. While it was available and accessible without any problems from Android 2.2, access function is not so obvious in versions from Google Maps 7.0.

Try to write “ok maps” in the Google Maps search box. If it works, you will see a message on the screen. Keep in mind that it does not work in all countries.

In version 8.0 of Google Maps for Android, offline mode includes new features to save specific routes, which can be subsequently used without connection, card mode.

Online vs offline maps maps

Maps for mobile applications are numerous. Many of them are excellent and offer a good way to navigate the city or even follow routes up the mountain. One of the most common problems is to not have 3G or WiFi connection, or you simply don’t want to deplete the battery of the mobile phone or the balance of the mobile.

Google Maps

Maps offline, or offline maps are maps that you can store on your phone and use even without connecting to Internet. Among the applications that more party out them we can highlight to the excellent OruxMaps, developed in Spain.

Google Maps, also has an option to save pieces of maps and see them without login. Let’s see how it works.

Find the map on your PC

If you use Google Maps from your computer, already you’ve encountered maps of cities with tourist information. An example: If you are looking for in Google Maps in New York City and add “tourist” will find “Tourist Attractions around New York, United States” suggestion. The result, a map with places of interest and your position on the map.

Alternatively, you can search for maps created by users. This option is very useful to find very specific information, as guides of cities and specific routes.

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News Republic

The news flying on the Internet, but if you want to be aware of everything we publish daily in Omicrono, follow us with application News Republic.
Every day there are dozens of different stories: new technologies, production techniques, most curious gadgets, amazing crowdfunding projects, projects that you would never think that they could exist and much, much more.

From Omicrono we try to offer you all that, although it is the rhythm that we have in our day to day, it is quite likely that you don’t have the time you want to read all the sources of information that you like.

There who chooses to learn through social networks, for example by following the official accounts of the media, like ours on Twitter – @Omicrono-, but also requires to be aware of the Timeline during the day.

What can we use to follow today anywhere and learn of the latest hours? our smartphone or tablet, of course. Applications of news we have any news instantly and we recommend News Republic, in which you can add Omicrono to your favorite media and not miss anything.

News Republic awarded Best Mobile Media & Publishing App in the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and includes thousands of articles of all the themes that are updated every day. It is also freely available for Android and iOS.
One of the characteristics of News Republic is that it allows you to completely customize your feed of news, being able to choose themes that you like and of course, add a paragraph with websites and blogs that you visit more.

If you don’t want to miss anything of what they publish on Omicrono, you can add it in your News Republic by typing “omicrono” in the search box (the icon of the magnifying glass at the top).


There you will see all the latest articles published in Omicrono, but if you really want to have quick access from the main panel to all of our stories, the star brand simply upper red and ready!
Of course, the articles are complete and with all the photographs and videos embedded and you can even save them offline for those moments at which you don’t have connection to the Internet. News Republic notify you with “Last hours”, although you can also enable the rest period to avoid annoying night notifications (from 23:00 to 7:00, but it is customizable).

The application is free to both iOS and Android, although if you want to get rid of advertising they offer a completely Full version for €2.99 per year.

The network said that three new regular contributors including Zuri Hall, Erin Lim and Sibley Scoles – to its cast added.

As previously announced the co-host star Giuliana Rancic it will cease its role in the daily life of E! News August 10. Rancic will continue to work with the network with functions of co-sponsorship in live from the red carpet and Fashion Police.

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Cars of the future

Cars of the future
Cars of the Future: steering wheel with touch screen
On busy roads of this, to take your eyes, if only just for a moment, from the road, to send an SMS or change the radio station, can have serious consequences. It would be safer if you have even more features at your fingertips on the steering wheel, I think German researchers from the Universities of Duisburg-Essen and Stuttgart and the German Institute for the Study of Artificial Intelligence.
They imagined a wheel equipped with a touch screen, acrylic plastic, 11 mm thick and surrounded by infrared LEDs.
An infrared camera records the reflections from the display surface, when it is reached. The driver can control a radio or can follow a map just by movements of the thumbs on the screen without changing their position on the steering wheel without taking your hands off him.

Tests have shown that, in such a drive to be reduced tendency than look elsewhere than before and hands off the wheel.
Researchers included about 20 different commands in their prototype and talks with automotive companies because they use touch-screen steering wheel in future models they will produce.
Meanwhile, the research focuses on the development of such a display of material with small thickness, so that in case of impact, it can easily break and allow an airbag inflating placed in the right wheel.
The car of the future wonder: reduce traffic and leads only
Car manufacturers have invented the perfect solution for drivers fed up with traffic jams and lack of parking.
Electric-Networked Vehicle (EN-V) two-seater is designed to eliminate these common inconveniences of road participants, but also to be responsive to the needs environmental, energy and consumer finance. Amazingly, the user does not even need to be on the driver’s seat in order to get all these benefits.
EN-V from General Motors can rotate 360 degrees on the spot and can be driven both manually, by a driver, and automatically, without a human coordinator. The concept works only on batteries, that gives a range of approximately 40 miles to a charge and a maximum speed of 40 km / h.
The only drawback of this vehicle is undersized inability to withstand a collision with a vehicle of normal gauge. However, cities may create special lanes exclusively to the EN-V’s, or even enclosed areas used only by them. Not been published, momentn, Release date of the vehicle.

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Nikola Tesla 6

Nikola Tesla 6
The world is Peter Tesla “a blind world, devoid of courage and incredulous,” but not for a moment lose confidence in ideas sale.Este increasingly withdrawn, and spend more time in the park feeding the pigeons. Towards the end of 1920, Tesla began to make friends with a famous German poet and mystic, George Sylvester Viereck. Almost a recluse, Tesla sometimes take part in the dinner party given by Viereck and his wife.


With an innate talent, Tesla wrote a strange poem, which he dedicated to his friend. It was called “Fragments of Olympian Gossip” was a critical acid and scientists of that day. Begin to appear rumors being, just like Eminescu, accused of madness. Why do I have to call those who do not understand the “crazy”?
His ideas continue to come, if the sience-fiction for his contemporaries, but even for us today.
Tesla first describes the radar. His idea was to transmit high-frequency radio waves that are reflected in the structure of the ship on a fluorescent screen. The idea was too advanced for its time, but it was the first description of the radar. He was the first to speak of an era when flying vehicles without wings, drones could be sent with the explosive charge on the enemy.
An anti-war weapon
Tesla was not a man of the future, but also a great philosopher. In fact all its projects aimed at human progress said. “Peace can only come as a result of illumination humanity”. Despite technical developments umnităţii, moral development is still on. We are like a giant brain with strong and weak states.
He thought the technical means to put an end to war. He believed that the war can be transformed “into a mere spectacle of machines”. In 1931, at a press conference, announced that he is about to uncover a new source of energy. Asked about the nature of the source, Tesla replied, “The idea came to me as a shock extraordinar.În this moment I can only say that it will come from a completely new and unexpected source.”
War clouds over Europe deviated again. On July 11, 1934, on the first page of the New York Times could read large “In 78 years, a newfound Tesla death ray”. Article report that the new invention “will send concentrated air particles deatmosferă with a power so great that will knock down an enemy fleet of 10,000 planes from 250 miles’re ready.”

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Top online games

Top online gameswow11

Top online games.This piece comes to psychological explain why nostalgic sigh and mention as extraordinary as Planescape Torment games, Baldur’s Gate, Myst or, more recently, Mask of the Betrayer, Syberia or Half-Life series. Most games that focus on story and still today are RPGs, because the adventure genre remained all alone in a corner, the producers approached mostly small, independent, which does not help any quality, nor popular. On the other hand, from the golden age was the best-selling Myst series on PC, players mentality has evolved at least for the desire for freedom. This is the biggest change that pushed back the adventures and quests essentially highly linear titles (like shooters in their beginnings, when limiting the underground corridors and weight could create open environments processors poor weather ).

In an adventure of a clear direction, even if encountered puzzles can be solved in different ways. In fact, walking straight ahead not only focuses the story, but try and hide the graphical limitations, lack of budget creation and visual details have come today to many to be the primary criterion for judging a game. Moreover, advancing the story you have ideas, you want a situation or another have been made differently, but nothing you can do if that designer did not think of that. Probably need for freedom (or at least the illusion of it) were born single-player open world games and MMOs, as an extension of freedom in a society, just like in reality.

Yet we have the best stories and adventures RPGs. I had them at least, for the last ten years have seen apparently plummeting narrative quality. Or so we think, because we are already saturated fantasy, orcs, elves, aliens and galactic worlds, spacecraft, lasers, good-evil battle that never has an absolute winner. Saturation gives the impression that there is no originality; 20 years ago, we admire those games had the advantage of being of the kind, “their father”, the founders of genres. Do not deny the value or creativity in developing narrative ramifications, but producers should draw more current. And in doing so we have some interesting examples, as Fahrenheit or Heavy Rain, violent or fancy GTA Half-Life.

Much the same applies in the case of puzzles. The beginnings came with riddles be extremely difficult because the solution itself, which requires piecing together of cryptic clues, either because the model “trial and error”. Guess the code to the safe, five colors arranged in a certain order, add ingredients in a potion and resume it if wrong somewhere. In most cases even if you did not receive a piece of the puzzle clues were well resolved, so that the button at random, based on luck. At least from this point of view things have now simplified for clues helped you in-game, and for those eager walkthrough sites are usually detailed and clear solutions.

The appearance cues and even in-game solutions was marked think of Myst IV: Revelation, which included complete resolution of puzzles, the stages of cryptic clues to “Blackberry in the mouth”. And if we make a leap forward, all casual games today use versions of puzzles trial and error, piecing together images, arranging items, but everything is much simpler. You probably do not have time, mood and patience to break off the walls about 5 hours at a single puzzle.



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History of Technology 7

History of Technology 7  Robots

Robot Soldiers of the Future  BANNER7

Americans plan to build robots that soldiers … not like men commit war crimes.

History of Technology 7  Robots. US Army and Navy have hired experts in ethics to prevent creating a robot like “Terminator”. By 2010, the United States will invest $ 4 billion in a research program called “Autonomous Systems” (self-governing systems).

For the construction of these robots were recruited British experts that will prevent robots to violate the Geneva Conventions.

Colin Allen, a scientist at Indiana University has already published a book, Moral Machines: Learning about good and evil robots, “which reviews the pros and cons.

He sent to “The Daily Telegraph”: “The question is whether that will answer can be constructed that can be automatic weapons under the laws of war. We use ethical theories to achieve these cars? “

Ronald Arkin, a computer scientist at Georgia Tech University, working on software for the US Army. He wrote a report saying that robots are not perfect ethic in combat, but are more ethical than human soldiers.

He says that robots do not feel the need to protect, not emotions that obscure their judgment or make them respond with hatred and frustration situations on the battlefield.

Recently, the company has developed a robot QuinetiQ US military, whose arms can range from pepper spray to 7.62 mm automatic weapons.

But this generation of robots is controlled by remote people. Researchers want to make soldiers, robots that can identify the target alone, which distinguish between enemy forces like tanks or armed men, and targets to be avoided as ambulances or civilians.

Software should be done in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

Dr. Allen has applauded the decision to attack ethical dilemmas. “It’s time to think about ethical theories and build software that will ensure that robots will behave correctly.”

“We already have computers that make decisions that affect people’s lives, but ethically, they are blind.”

Dr. Allen said that the US military wants autonomous robots. Most expensive robots are under direct command of the people, because not afford to lose them.

Some skeptics say it will be impossible to make robots that will not make mistakes, or will not commit serious things when they “fail” as in the film Robocop.

Noel Sharkey, a computer researcher at the University of Sheffield, known for its involvement in the show “Robot Wars” is a leading critic of US plans. He says: “I go a chill down my spine. I work in artificial intelligence for decades, and the idea of a robot that can take a human life is horrifying. “

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