Nikola Tesla 6

Nikola Tesla 6
The world is Peter Tesla “a blind world, devoid of courage and incredulous,” but not for a moment lose confidence in ideas sale.Este increasingly withdrawn, and spend more time in the park feeding the pigeons. Towards the end of 1920, Tesla began to make friends with a famous German poet and mystic, George Sylvester Viereck. Almost a recluse, Tesla sometimes take part in the dinner party given by Viereck and his wife.


With an innate talent, Tesla wrote a strange poem, which he dedicated to his friend. It was called “Fragments of Olympian Gossip” was a critical acid and scientists of that day. Begin to appear rumors being, just like Eminescu, accused of madness. Why do I have to call those who do not understand the “crazy”?
His ideas continue to come, if the sience-fiction for his contemporaries, but even for us today.
Tesla first describes the radar. His idea was to transmit high-frequency radio waves that are reflected in the structure of the ship on a fluorescent screen. The idea was too advanced for its time, but it was the first description of the radar. He was the first to speak of an era when flying vehicles without wings, drones could be sent with the explosive charge on the enemy.
An anti-war weapon
Tesla was not a man of the future, but also a great philosopher. In fact all its projects aimed at human progress said. “Peace can only come as a result of illumination humanity”. Despite technical developments umnităţii, moral development is still on. We are like a giant brain with strong and weak states.
He thought the technical means to put an end to war. He believed that the war can be transformed “into a mere spectacle of machines”. In 1931, at a press conference, announced that he is about to uncover a new source of energy. Asked about the nature of the source, Tesla replied, “The idea came to me as a shock extraordinar.În this moment I can only say that it will come from a completely new and unexpected source.”
War clouds over Europe deviated again. On July 11, 1934, on the first page of the New York Times could read large “In 78 years, a newfound Tesla death ray”. Article report that the new invention “will send concentrated air particles deatmosferă with a power so great that will knock down an enemy fleet of 10,000 planes from 250 miles’re ready.”

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Top online games

Top online gameswow11

Top online games.This piece comes to psychological explain why nostalgic sigh and mention as extraordinary as Planescape Torment games, Baldur’s Gate, Myst or, more recently, Mask of the Betrayer, Syberia or Half-Life series. Most games that focus on story and still today are RPGs, because the adventure genre remained all alone in a corner, the producers approached mostly small, independent, which does not help any quality, nor popular. On the other hand, from the golden age was the best-selling Myst series on PC, players mentality has evolved at least for the desire for freedom. This is the biggest change that pushed back the adventures and quests essentially highly linear titles (like shooters in their beginnings, when limiting the underground corridors and weight could create open environments processors poor weather ).

In an adventure of a clear direction, even if encountered puzzles can be solved in different ways. In fact, walking straight ahead not only focuses the story, but try and hide the graphical limitations, lack of budget creation and visual details have come today to many to be the primary criterion for judging a game. Moreover, advancing the story you have ideas, you want a situation or another have been made differently, but nothing you can do if that designer did not think of that. Probably need for freedom (or at least the illusion of it) were born single-player open world games and MMOs, as an extension of freedom in a society, just like in reality.

Yet we have the best stories and adventures RPGs. I had them at least, for the last ten years have seen apparently plummeting narrative quality. Or so we think, because we are already saturated fantasy, orcs, elves, aliens and galactic worlds, spacecraft, lasers, good-evil battle that never has an absolute winner. Saturation gives the impression that there is no originality; 20 years ago, we admire those games had the advantage of being of the kind, “their father”, the founders of genres. Do not deny the value or creativity in developing narrative ramifications, but producers should draw more current. And in doing so we have some interesting examples, as Fahrenheit or Heavy Rain, violent or fancy GTA Half-Life.

Much the same applies in the case of puzzles. The beginnings came with riddles be extremely difficult because the solution itself, which requires piecing together of cryptic clues, either because the model “trial and error”. Guess the code to the safe, five colors arranged in a certain order, add ingredients in a potion and resume it if wrong somewhere. In most cases even if you did not receive a piece of the puzzle clues were well resolved, so that the button at random, based on luck. At least from this point of view things have now simplified for clues helped you in-game, and for those eager walkthrough sites are usually detailed and clear solutions.

The appearance cues and even in-game solutions was marked think of Myst IV: Revelation, which included complete resolution of puzzles, the stages of cryptic clues to “Blackberry in the mouth”. And if we make a leap forward, all casual games today use versions of puzzles trial and error, piecing together images, arranging items, but everything is much simpler. You probably do not have time, mood and patience to break off the walls about 5 hours at a single puzzle.



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History of Technology 7

History of Technology 7  Robots

Robot Soldiers of the Future  BANNER7

Americans plan to build robots that soldiers … not like men commit war crimes.

History of Technology 7  Robots. US Army and Navy have hired experts in ethics to prevent creating a robot like “Terminator”. By 2010, the United States will invest $ 4 billion in a research program called “Autonomous Systems” (self-governing systems).

For the construction of these robots were recruited British experts that will prevent robots to violate the Geneva Conventions.

Colin Allen, a scientist at Indiana University has already published a book, Moral Machines: Learning about good and evil robots, “which reviews the pros and cons.

He sent to “The Daily Telegraph”: “The question is whether that will answer can be constructed that can be automatic weapons under the laws of war. We use ethical theories to achieve these cars? “

Ronald Arkin, a computer scientist at Georgia Tech University, working on software for the US Army. He wrote a report saying that robots are not perfect ethic in combat, but are more ethical than human soldiers.

He says that robots do not feel the need to protect, not emotions that obscure their judgment or make them respond with hatred and frustration situations on the battlefield.

Recently, the company has developed a robot QuinetiQ US military, whose arms can range from pepper spray to 7.62 mm automatic weapons.

But this generation of robots is controlled by remote people. Researchers want to make soldiers, robots that can identify the target alone, which distinguish between enemy forces like tanks or armed men, and targets to be avoided as ambulances or civilians.

Software should be done in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

Dr. Allen has applauded the decision to attack ethical dilemmas. “It’s time to think about ethical theories and build software that will ensure that robots will behave correctly.”

“We already have computers that make decisions that affect people’s lives, but ethically, they are blind.”

Dr. Allen said that the US military wants autonomous robots. Most expensive robots are under direct command of the people, because not afford to lose them.

Some skeptics say it will be impossible to make robots that will not make mistakes, or will not commit serious things when they “fail” as in the film Robocop.

Noel Sharkey, a computer researcher at the University of Sheffield, known for its involvement in the show “Robot Wars” is a leading critic of US plans. He says: “I go a chill down my spine. I work in artificial intelligence for decades, and the idea of a robot that can take a human life is horrifying. “

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Nikola Tesla 17

Nikola Tesla 17

If in the 30s of XX century, Tesla’s inventions were public after his death in January 1943 were seized and hidden under the authority of the US government. Officially, after his death, Nikola Tesla was passed into oblivion, but in reality his inventions have attracted interest since 1945. US Army tips offered its Tesla tried model that could be remotely controlled by radio remote and can launch torpedoes on the fleet enemy. Also in 1915, Tesla had offered US missiles project a more perfected than celebrate Hitler’s V2.

The most important invention of Nikola Tesla to defend the US and the Earth remains, however, the famous “death ray” that we believe will bring world peace, precisely because it can kill in an instant cities and armies. Tesla himself had said about his weapon, “My camera allows me to point to a very distant point energies of trillions of times higher than is possible with rays of any kind. Thus, thousands of horsepower can be transmitted through a beam thinner than hair and nothing can stand. “Tesla was coordinator of Philadelphia and he also founded the first particle accelerator in the world, based not on theory of relativity, Einstein later issued but on the ball lightning. We did not venture very much if I say that all equipment today, we make life easier, we allow communication over distances of thousands of kilometers and announcing propel us into a dimension of knowledge and existence altogether unsuspected, was built and is still in full construction drawings and inventions on the pillars of the greatest genius of humanity, Nicholas Tesla.

Nikola Tesla 17
n around Tesla’s nationality, for reasons more or less understandable, hovers a strong controversy. Colonel Corso consider it Serb, Croat Jan van Helsing he thinks and sees all mankind anyway but not only with Romanian origins. Although not born in the Carpathian-danubianio-Black, Tesla still have Romanian blood, his parents’ genes mostenint Istro-Romanian, Romanian community members in Croatia.
Until 1892, the US Patent Office has issued over 40 Tesla’s patents for inventions made under the principle he discovered the rotating magnetic field and the essential elements of the system AC power. In 1895, became operational at the Niagara Falls hydroelectric power first alternative in the world. Emblems massive generators installed there bore the name of Nikola Tesla and even today, the majority of inductive motors in use throughout the world are based or project baseline. Its underlying inventions radar, cyclotron, TV, radio and TV networks worldwide, robots, internet, pagers, cellular phones or space program “Star Wars” launched by Americans in the Cold War. All this is dependent Tesla’s drawings. Though a brilliant genius of humanity, on January 7, 1943, a Wednesday, about 10:30 PM, Nikola Tesla gave their last breath, dying alone and forgotten in a small room in Hotel New Yorker. Outside, the city was animated by the legacy left behind by this man, replete with electricity from Tesla’s vision materialized to live in a world completely powered by the AC. Tesla is almost buried in obscurity; a giant crash of inventions, whose findings remain as the foundation for some of the most prolific scientific achievements attained by humanity. How to get here? Nikola Tesla was a humanitarian, an idealist and a genius unscathed. Although most often been personified as a mad scientist, perhaps his only fault was to be born before his time.

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Nikola Tesla 8

Nikola Tesla 8

Tesla flying machine: UFO today
Tesla patented a flying machine (pictured) that the descriptions made by itself is similar to what we call today UFO. The machine can move in any direction is vertical takeoff and uses a wireless powered electrical motor, hub that can stand long in the air. Tesla one for military use, and the civil … car to replace. It is very likely that it was made much, but economic and other considerations, it was not in common use.

Nikola Tesla 8
What would such a machine such as automobile or the aviation industry? Just like all great discoveries, it will be widely used by delays, perhaps even centuries. What we call today advanced technological progress has been made a century ago, but only now reached the market. It is a pity that the financial interests that require full exploitation of a discovery, and then improve, so much delay the progress of mankind.
Description of this device will make even Tesla, in numerous articles published in major American magazines:
“20 years ago, I thought I’d be the first man to fly, I was about to do something unique. My work took place in the electricity and I never realized that gasoline engines had developed so much that could make a plane feasible. At the time, working on the transmission of electricity without wires. My idea was to build a flying machine powered by an electric motor powered from ground stations.

I have not done this, but I’m sure I will in due course. When I learned that I was predicted by researchers in other fields, I began to study the problem from different angles flight. Become a mechanical problem, not electricity. I knew there was energy sources better than now, and efforts long after many years, I understand the possibility of using the principles of fluid viscosity and adhesion in building my engine. ”
“Now that I realized the engine, the next step is perfect flying machine.”
A plane that uses your engine ?, asked the reporter. Tesla’s answer is surprising and now after almost 100 years. “Flying car of the future – my flying car – will be heavier than air, but it will not be a plane. Do not have wings or propellers. It will be solid and stable. Seen from the ground, not you realize it’s an aircraft.
However, you can fly in any direction perfectly safe at speeds much higher than those achieved so far, despite the vertical air currents and air pockets. You can climb in such currents if needed, stay in the air for extended periods of time, even at very high wind speeds. Its strength will depend flying wings, like birds, but positive mechanical action. ”
“I foresee a development of flying machines that exceed that of the car. I expect a significant contribution of Mr. Ford to this progress. The problem of parking and busy roads will be solved. Parking towers will ascend in major cities and roads will increase only as needed. Finally, roads will become useless for that civilization will abandon the wheels for wings “.
“Tesla’s dream child” as its inventor called its flight, people waiting to play.

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Clash of Clans: Strategies Every Beginner Must Learn

Clash of Clans: Strategies Every Beginner Must Learn


From the time, Clash of Clans has been made available globally in both Android and iOS platforms; it has quickly gained popularity and generated significant revenues. While the game is made available for free, you may end up spending more than what you intend to if you get hooked to the game. In-game purchases will be necessary if you want to advance quicker in the game and to build better defenses against your opponents. To avoid over-spending on the game, it will help if you can learn various Clash of Clans Game Strategies, which will be very useful especially for beginners. One good thing about the game is it would not take long before you learn the ropes of it, but you should learn how to execute a variety of strategies to enjoy a better gaming experience.

clash of clans 2015

Location of your Clan Castle


One of the first things you have to learn about Clash of Clans game strategies would be the optimal location of your clan castle. In this case, according to pros, it is best to have it positioned on the center, which will be significant in making it helpful for your defensive strategies. If the castle is positioned outside of your base, your opponents can easily hide on them and will make it easy for them to claim your base.


Initiating Matchmaking Early On


As you begin playing the game, you will have a 3-day shield and during this point, only a few of your opponents will be interested in having you attacked. Because of this, you should take the opportunity to begin with matchmaking in an instant. Start looking around to gather the resources you will need while your opponents are still not hot on fighting with you.


Use Your Spells Sparingly


Another thing you have to learn about Clash of Clans hack game strategies is how you should never use your spells without giving it a second thought. Your spells will take a while before they can be produced. If you are going to buy them, you might need to spend a lot, which should give you sufficient reason to be as careful as possible in using such. For instance, if you are going to use a healing spell, you will need about 15,000 elixirs. See to it that you will first before spending on spells.

As a beginner, you will have 500 gems by the time you start playing Clash of Clans. After the tutorial, 50 gems will already be deducted. When it comes to Clash of Clans game strategies, you should also learn how to save your gems, which will be helpful in creating extra builders in a manner that is quicker.

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iPhone 6 makes no exception!

Apple always impressed by the quality construction and attention to detail, and iPhone 6 makes no exception. Of course, the larger dimensions of the phone are the ones that first come out, but as a user of a smartphone with 5.1″ I took it as something natural. I was impressed by how well was connected the phone parts that make it look like a whole. Unibody format, which does not allow access to the battery, contribute partially to this.

IPhone 6’s hardware platform is provided by a proprietary Apple A8 chipset where was implemented a dual-core 1.4 GHz Cyclone, GX6450 PowerVR graphics and 1GB RAM. The figures are far from impressed compared to Qualcomm chipsets top and the 3G RAM provide by some smartphones and phablet’s, but the raw data is less important when the manufacturer is creating the software too.

iPhone 6 tricks

iOS 8 is so well designed and optimized, that iPhone 6 runs fluent in any application or game. Navigating to homescreen is easy, to start and use applications is fluent in the background even after more than 10 applications remain open and switch between multiple applications also performed in a short time.

As well are things when it comes to games. Asphalt 8: Airborne and Real Racing 3, two demanding games for mobile platforms run without any lag, meaning that the graphics image is really powerful.

iPhone 6 uses iOS8 operating system (an update to iOS 8.1 was available for the first time of the terminal), which is without major changes in terms of interface, but allows developers to produce applications with multiple functions.

Therefore, ordinary users will have no problem to accommodate with the new version of the operating system, but will notice a refining of notification center that allows a shorter reaction time: now, the so-called Notification Center lets you answer direct messages, comment on Facebook or mark a task from calendar as complete without getting into each application.

Apple has implemented a function similar to “One hand operation” available on the Samsung Galaxy S5 or Notes Series: by a double tap on the Home button, the screen is reduced to about two-thirds of the actual length. The function named Reachability is useful for those who do not get with the finger to the top of the screen when is used only one hand, but lacks the sophistication of Samsung phones, as position and size window can be customized.

In addition, the function Share to certain services from the context menu of an application can be implemented by the developers too, function which is already for long time on Android.

But perhaps one of the major news is the permission to use the third-party keyboards. In my opinion, the standard iPhone keyboard is quite outdated, since access numbers and special characters is difficult, so the ability to use applications like SwiftKey is more than welcome.

At the level of connectivity, iPhone 6 references using the new Wi-Fi standard needle, while data connections supports 3G and 4G speeds up to 150 Mbps.

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iPhone 6

iPhone 6

In short: iPhone 6 has all the prerequisites to be the new smartphone reference year due to screen higher construction quality, good performance and photos taken with the camera. Small imperfections in the design and the high price can turn users to competing products.

iPhone was not the first smartphone in the world, but had the merit to whet the appetite of users for such products by the simplicity of the interface and functions offered.

iPhone 6

Over time, other producers were able to bring to market similar products powered by the Android operating system, and the trend of recent was a dramatic increase of screen size.

Typically, Apple has avoided immediately to adopt functions or improvements adopted by rivals, but the inevitable happened with the launch of two new models with large screens.

With a display with a diagonal of 4.7 “iPhone 6 became benchmark smartphone of Apple portfolio and already enjoy a major sales success around the world.. But this success is justified or rather, or we talk about the inertia to purchase a new iPhone?

What is iPhone 6?

iPhone 6 is a smartphone that takes many of the features of its predecessors, sometimes improves and presents them on a screen diagonal of 4.7 “.

The front is dominated by the screen and the entire surface is covered with a scratch resistant glass and pleasant to touch, while the metal back gives it a premium look and does not attract fingerprints. Sides are slightly rounded, so allow a swipe gesture from left to right for very easy back, while the terminal thickness is only 6.9 mm. Even so, in this area we find the volume buttons and the little silent switch (left) and on-off button, moved on right in terms of increasing the length of the terminal, which would have made it difficult ignition at the top of the screen.

In light of these characteristics, iPhone 6 is well in hand. In fact, it is more pleasant and easier to handle than mobile phone with diagonal over 5 “, and that the width is with 0.5 – 1 cm lower.

The screen is almost always one of the highlights of the new Apple phone. Its resolution rose to 1334 ×750 pixels and thus retains density of 326 pixels per inch of him predecessor, iPhone 5S. Even if you do not enjoy Full-HD resolution or QHD, like the new flagship of competition sites, the screen of iPhone 6 is excellent.

IPS technology allows the display of natural colors with top values for contrast and good viewing angles, but black is not as deep as that offered by AMOLED sites.

Another advantage of IPS is the strong brightness. Moreover, in times when I worked on night on the phone without artificial light, I could almost set minimum brightness (15% -20%) without the image appear darker. This also means less power consumption, but also a good readability of the screen in sunlight.


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MAD – Skills

Mobile Application Development – Technical Skills

Mobile Application Development services are based on operating systems Windows Phone – Android – iOS,.



Apple iOS tricks logo

TotalSoft building mobile applications based on iOS4.0 +, you can install both on iPhone, iPodTouch and the iPad tablets. Suite of functions provided by iOS SDK that provides them the solutions TotalSoft phones make use of:


Over-the-air sync (Wireless and 3G)


Push Notifications

These mobile applications have a way of server-side data processing which make reports available to the mobile application via a web service. Thus, through 3G or WIFI connection, the user updates the remote data on demand or according to a schedule update (update) default. The communication channel is secure and encrypted to improve data protection factor.

reports and indicators generated by these mobile applications are stored locally on the mobile device for later viewing offline. Use tool (engine) preloaded SQLite database.

In addition, using Apple Push Notifications integrated service, reporting server can notify customers, even if the application is not active at that time. Thus, when new data or reports automatically generated, the user is prompted active, staying abreast of developments so urmăriţi.mobGAS parameters – application for measuring emissions .

MobGAS application allows the daily calculation of emissions produced by transport, household appliances, hygiene and nutrition habits and leisure activities. The application calculates their impact on the emission of greenhouse effect gases and where possible suggest changes to improve individual performance and protect the environment.

Benefit mobGAS complex application architecture: web site, databases, back-office, wap site, mobile version for JME devices and integration with third party applications such as ERP. The technology behind this is JAVA (CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0), it running on Symbian and Windows phone.   IOS Acollada Charting. Discover iOS Charting component suite that offers modern design interactive graphics for iOS

Animated graphics, transitions and effects, improved data visualization more than ever. Components include multi-touch functionality to rotate pie chart, navigation data and the in the project.

Why choose Acollada ?: High Interactivity

Complete set of charts

Ease of implementation

Diagrams attractive

configurable interface

Browsing multi-touch data

Demo applica IOS Charting Suite is already implemented solutions:

Charisma Cell Monitor;

Mobile Analyzer;

Mobile EMR;

Mobile Medical Software;

Mobile Portfolio Management. They are used by multinational companies such as:

Tiriac client Acollada LeasingAcollada GermanosAcollada client client client FildasAcollada Raiffeisen Leasing

BRC client Acollada leasingAcollada LeasingAcollada Impulse client client client ImpactAcollada BRD Finance

Acollada ICCOAcollada client client client ISTAAcollada client EUROLINESAcollada BNP PARIBAS.

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iPhone history



iPhone celebrates seven years – how the market has changed since the launch of Apple’s first smart phone.

Seven years ago, on January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, this first smarptone the American company, which was to revolutionize the mobile market.

Business Insider believes that the model has changed the history of mobile devices.

And to honor the celebration of 7 years since launch, newspaper recalled the highlights of the launch of the first iPhone and the changes that have occurred to date.

Steve Jobs introduced the product at Macworld: Apple you currently own press conference. Macworld iWorld is now called, but these events are very popular.

Jobs derided Microsoft: The launch of the first iPhone, the late Steve Jobs showed a quote from a Microsoft official, who testified that they buy Apple laptops, if it had not committed to the company headed by Bill Gates.

Recently, and new CEO of IT giant Microsoft mocked Tim Cook criticized the Surface tablets a few months ago.

Let’s talk a bit about the iPhone 3G.

I think everyone knows that they have an iPhone 3G last year black and proud, that’s right, 16 Gb, 8 Gb not, you have people from pcgarage to offer mobile Apple. I got it when I state to test all phones with touch-screen at Orange Concept Store and felt the difference in speed of response, how to move screen, touch sensation device, how it displays web pages (well, except those which are made ​​in Flash, yet).

Beyond any technical specifications, the iPhone 3G is the perfect combination of phone, laptop, MP3 player, PDA and GPS. Now I look back and try to figure out how many things I could do if I had taken it the iPhone. Even though many criticize the battery, I somehow managed to make twittering live 4 hours from Day Biz, and we managed to film one day întreagă Sea last year on the beach H2O.

At WWDC 2008 on June 9, after finalizing the details of the upcoming App Store, and summing up the original iPhone’s achievements, the late Steve Jobs dove into the next challenges Apple had to face, the next mountain they had to climb. On the surface, they were obvious even before Jobs bulleted them on stage – 3G, Enterprise, third-party apps, more countries, and more affordable. The software changes came as part of iPhone OS 2.0. The hardware, iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G: More Gs for less Cs

The iPhone 3G, codenamed N82 and model number iPhone1,2, had the same 3.5-inch screen at 320×480 and 163ppi as the original. The cellular radio, however, received a significant update to support 3G UMTS/HSPA networks. That allowed for a much faster – theoretical – 3.6 mbps data transfer. Jobs claimed it was faster – 36% – than other leading 3G phones of the time, including the Nokia N95 and Palm Treo 750, even while rendering a better version of the web.

The Dock connector remained, but Apple changed some of the pins so it no longer supported charging over FireWire, which rendered some accessories incompatible. It had the same Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi as well, but added an aGPS (assisted global positioning system) chip for more precise location services.


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