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If there is something that accompanies me since my first trips when I started with this hobby of traveling, it is without doubt a good GPS Navigator without Internet for mobile. I am of those who say that the best of a city is lost between the neighborhoods and streets, but after this is important find and be able to return to your hostel or hotel. But this is sometimes very complicated when you take hours walking toward different directions in a completely unknown city moved by curiosity and the desire to explore new places.

Brandon Oakes is manager at OriginGPS, a company that makes GPS modules. Oakes now has its say and criticized many industry greats from the wearable segment that these trackers obstruct any GPS modules with their high-end fitness. This would cost the company a few dollars per unit, this would be in the high price segment not a big obstacle.

He can understand that for many users step numbers are more important than the distance traveled. Nevertheless, a GPS tracking is not a big expense for the manufacturer and a useful feature for all users.
The new devices Fitbit Fitbit Blaze and Alta have about both a GPS module and reaped among others for this lack of relative a lot of criticism from the scene and from users. Many Smartwatchtes that are geared towards sports, have approximately over GPS tracking. Pure Fitness Tracker but do not usually.

Oakes breaks its opinion to the simple conclusion down: “Fitbit has no excuses for it.” Whether the major manufacturers still dare to a GPS tracking or whether they will continue to outsource this to smartwatches and -phones remains to be seen. In any event, a fitness tracker with GPS function would be a small revolution in the market.

Paper maps can also be of great help, but there is nothing like using a browser GPS free Internet (offline), so data overseas rates does not end with our savings as we also saw with the translators offline.

There are many apps both Android and iPhone, but for me, the title to the best GPS without Internet browser is disputed between these 3 options:
In my opinion is the most complete to travel the world application and which have always installed on your mobile. It uses the known maps from Open Street Map and Wikipedia, being downloaded within the app in a very simple way and allow navigation detailed, quick, intuitive and clean, and like other apps, nor need Internet. GPS

This GPS Navigator offline has practical utilities for travelers who want to go to the most interesting places in the area, called POI’s, also has dozens of always updated maps, routes for car or walk, GPX navigation, compass, voice navigation, different languages to choose from,… among many other functions.

It’s free for both Android and iPhone (free version allows 10 downloads, the Premium version is required for more downloads).


First paper road maps disappeared devoured by the GPS. Today the GPS are low by the success of smartphones hours since these small appliances, in addition to its GPS function, have many other applications of undoubted utility for travelers. GPS

How to track a cell phone

But be careful. If you are traveling abroad and use your phone GPS  programs that consume data (Online), the joke you can go face on your next phone bill.

Download maps in Google Maps offline depending on the version you have installed. While it was available and accessible without any problems from Android 2.2, access function is not so obvious in versions from Google Maps 7.0.

Try to write “ok maps” in the Google Maps search box. If it works, you will see a message on the screen. Keep in mind that it does not work in all countries.

In version 8.0 of Google Maps for Android, offline mode includes new features to save specific routes, which can be subsequently used without connection, card mode.

Online vs offline maps maps

Maps for mobile applications are numerous. Many of them are excellent and offer a good way to navigate the city or even follow routes up the mountain. One of the most common problems is to not have 3G or WiFi connection, or you simply don’t want to deplete the battery of the mobile phone or the balance of the mobile.

Google Maps

Maps offline, or offline maps are maps that you can store on your phone and use even without connecting to Internet. Among the applications that more party out them we can highlight to the excellent OruxMaps, developed in Spain.

Google Maps, also has an option to save pieces of maps and see them without login. Let’s see how it works.

Find the map on your PC

If you use Google Maps from your computer, already you’ve encountered maps of cities with tourist information. An example: If you are looking for in Google Maps in New York City and add “tourist” will find “Tourist Attractions around New York, United States” suggestion. The result, a map with places of interest and your position on the map.

Alternatively, you can search for maps created by users. This option is very useful to find very specific information, as guides of cities and specific routes.

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