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Mobile Application Development services are based on operating systems Windows Phone – Android – iOS,.



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TotalSoft building mobile applications based on iOS4.0 +, you can install both on iPhone, iPodTouch and the iPad tablets. Suite of functions provided by iOS SDK that provides them the solutions TotalSoft phones make use of:


Over-the-air sync (Wireless and 3G)


Push Notifications

These mobile applications have a way of server-side data processing which make reports available to the mobile application via a web service. Thus, through 3G or WIFI connection, the user updates the remote data on demand or according to a schedule update (update) default. The communication channel is secure and encrypted to improve data protection factor.

reports and indicators generated by these mobile applications are stored locally on the mobile device for later viewing offline. Use tool (engine) preloaded SQLite database.

In addition, using Apple Push Notifications integrated service, reporting server can notify customers, even if the application is not active at that time. Thus, when new data or reports automatically generated, the user is prompted active, staying abreast of developments so urmăriţi.mobGAS parameters – application for measuring emissions .

MobGAS application allows the daily calculation of emissions produced by transport, household appliances, hygiene and nutrition habits and leisure activities. The application calculates their impact on the emission of greenhouse effect gases and where possible suggest changes to improve individual performance and protect the environment.

Benefit mobGAS complex application architecture: web site, databases, back-office, wap site, mobile version for JME devices and integration with third party applications such as ERP. The technology behind this is JAVA (CLDC 1.1, MIDP 2.0), it running on Symbian and Windows phone.   IOS Acollada Charting. Discover iOS Charting component suite that offers modern design interactive graphics for iOS

Animated graphics, transitions and effects, improved data visualization more than ever. Components include multi-touch functionality to rotate pie chart, navigation data and the in the project.

Why choose Acollada ?: High Interactivity

Complete set of charts

Ease of implementation

Diagrams attractive

configurable interface

Browsing multi-touch data

Demo applica IOS Charting Suite is already implemented solutions:

Charisma Cell Monitor;

Mobile Analyzer;

Mobile EMR;

Mobile Medical Software;

Mobile Portfolio Management. They are used by multinational companies such as:

Tiriac client Acollada LeasingAcollada GermanosAcollada client client client FildasAcollada Raiffeisen Leasing

BRC client Acollada leasingAcollada LeasingAcollada Impulse client client client ImpactAcollada BRD Finance

Acollada ICCOAcollada client client client ISTAAcollada client EUROLINESAcollada BNP PARIBAS.

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