Nikola Tesla 6

Nikola Tesla 6
The world is Peter Tesla “a blind world, devoid of courage and incredulous,” but not for a moment lose confidence in ideas sale.Este increasingly withdrawn, and spend more time in the park feeding the pigeons. Towards the end of 1920, Tesla began to make friends with a famous German poet and mystic, George Sylvester Viereck. Almost a recluse, Tesla sometimes take part in the dinner party given by Viereck and his wife.


With an innate talent, Tesla wrote a strange poem, which he dedicated to his friend. It was called “Fragments of Olympian Gossip” was a critical acid and scientists of that day. Begin to appear rumors being, just like Eminescu, accused of madness. Why do I have to call those who do not understand the “crazy”?
His ideas continue to come, if the sience-fiction for his contemporaries, but even for us today.
Tesla first describes the radar. His idea was to transmit high-frequency radio waves that are reflected in the structure of the ship on a fluorescent screen. The idea was too advanced for its time, but it was the first description of the radar. He was the first to speak of an era when flying vehicles without wings, drones could be sent with the explosive charge on the enemy.
An anti-war weapon
Tesla was not a man of the future, but also a great philosopher. In fact all its projects aimed at human progress said. “Peace can only come as a result of illumination humanity”. Despite technical developments umnităţii, moral development is still on. We are like a giant brain with strong and weak states.
He thought the technical means to put an end to war. He believed that the war can be transformed “into a mere spectacle of machines”. In 1931, at a press conference, announced that he is about to uncover a new source of energy. Asked about the nature of the source, Tesla replied, “The idea came to me as a shock extraordinar.În this moment I can only say that it will come from a completely new and unexpected source.”
War clouds over Europe deviated again. On July 11, 1934, on the first page of the New York Times could read large “In 78 years, a newfound Tesla death ray”. Article report that the new invention “will send concentrated air particles deatmosferă with a power so great that will knock down an enemy fleet of 10,000 planes from 250 miles’re ready.”

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