Nikola Tesla 8

Nikola Tesla 8

Tesla flying machine: UFO today
Tesla patented a flying machine (pictured) that the descriptions made by itself is similar to what we call today UFO. The machine can move in any direction is vertical takeoff and uses a wireless powered electrical motor, hub that can stand long in the air. Tesla one for military use, and the civil … car to replace. It is very likely that it was made much, but economic and other considerations, it was not in common use.

Nikola Tesla 8
What would such a machine such as automobile or the aviation industry? Just like all great discoveries, it will be widely used by delays, perhaps even centuries. What we call today advanced technological progress has been made a century ago, but only now reached the market. It is a pity that the financial interests that require full exploitation of a discovery, and then improve, so much delay the progress of mankind.
Description of this device will make even Tesla, in numerous articles published in major American magazines:
“20 years ago, I thought I’d be the first man to fly, I was about to do something unique. My work took place in the electricity and I never realized that gasoline engines had developed so much that could make a plane feasible. At the time, working on the transmission of electricity without wires. My idea was to build a flying machine powered by an electric motor powered from ground stations.

I have not done this, but I’m sure I will in due course. When I learned that I was predicted by researchers in other fields, I began to study the problem from different angles flight. Become a mechanical problem, not electricity. I knew there was energy sources better than now, and efforts long after many years, I understand the possibility of using the principles of fluid viscosity and adhesion in building my engine. ”
“Now that I realized the engine, the next step is perfect flying machine.”
A plane that uses your engine ?, asked the reporter. Tesla’s answer is surprising and now after almost 100 years. “Flying car of the future – my flying car – will be heavier than air, but it will not be a plane. Do not have wings or propellers. It will be solid and stable. Seen from the ground, not you realize it’s an aircraft.
However, you can fly in any direction perfectly safe at speeds much higher than those achieved so far, despite the vertical air currents and air pockets. You can climb in such currents if needed, stay in the air for extended periods of time, even at very high wind speeds. Its strength will depend flying wings, like birds, but positive mechanical action. ”
“I foresee a development of flying machines that exceed that of the car. I expect a significant contribution of Mr. Ford to this progress. The problem of parking and busy roads will be solved. Parking towers will ascend in major cities and roads will increase only as needed. Finally, roads will become useless for that civilization will abandon the wheels for wings “.
“Tesla’s dream child” as its inventor called its flight, people waiting to play.

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