Cars of the future

Cars of the future
Cars of the Future: steering wheel with touch screen
On busy roads of this, to take your eyes, if only just for a moment, from the road, to send an SMS or change the radio station, can have serious consequences. It would be safer if you have even more features at your fingertips on the steering wheel, I think German researchers from the Universities of Duisburg-Essen and Stuttgart and the German Institute for the Study of Artificial Intelligence.
They imagined a wheel equipped with a touch screen, acrylic plastic, 11 mm thick and surrounded by infrared LEDs.
An infrared camera records the reflections from the display surface, when it is reached. The driver can control a radio or can follow a map just by movements of the thumbs on the screen without changing their position on the steering wheel without taking your hands off him.

Tests have shown that, in such a drive to be reduced tendency than look elsewhere than before and hands off the wheel.
Researchers included about 20 different commands in their prototype and talks with automotive companies because they use touch-screen steering wheel in future models they will produce.
Meanwhile, the research focuses on the development of such a display of material with small thickness, so that in case of impact, it can easily break and allow an airbag inflating placed in the right wheel.
The car of the future wonder: reduce traffic and leads only
Car manufacturers have invented the perfect solution for drivers fed up with traffic jams and lack of parking.
Electric-Networked Vehicle (EN-V) two-seater is designed to eliminate these common inconveniences of road participants, but also to be responsive to the needs environmental, energy and consumer finance. Amazingly, the user does not even need to be on the driver’s seat in order to get all these benefits.
EN-V from General Motors can rotate 360 degrees on the spot and can be driven both manually, by a driver, and automatically, without a human coordinator. The concept works only on batteries, that gives a range of approximately 40 miles to a charge and a maximum speed of 40 km / h.
The only drawback of this vehicle is undersized inability to withstand a collision with a vehicle of normal gauge. However, cities may create special lanes exclusively to the EN-V’s, or even enclosed areas used only by them. Not been published, momentn, Release date of the vehicle.

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