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History of Technology 7  Robots

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Americans plan to build robots that soldiers … not like men commit war crimes.

History of Technology 7  Robots. US Army and Navy have hired experts in ethics to prevent creating a robot like “Terminator”. By 2010, the United States will invest $ 4 billion in a research program called “Autonomous Systems” (self-governing systems).

For the construction of these robots were recruited British experts that will prevent robots to violate the Geneva Conventions.

Colin Allen, a scientist at Indiana University has already published a book, Moral Machines: Learning about good and evil robots, “which reviews the pros and cons.

He sent to “The Daily Telegraph”: “The question is whether that will answer can be constructed that can be automatic weapons under the laws of war. We use ethical theories to achieve these cars? “

Ronald Arkin, a computer scientist at Georgia Tech University, working on software for the US Army. He wrote a report saying that robots are not perfect ethic in combat, but are more ethical than human soldiers.

He says that robots do not feel the need to protect, not emotions that obscure their judgment or make them respond with hatred and frustration situations on the battlefield.

Recently, the company has developed a robot QuinetiQ US military, whose arms can range from pepper spray to 7.62 mm automatic weapons.

But this generation of robots is controlled by remote people. Researchers want to make soldiers, robots that can identify the target alone, which distinguish between enemy forces like tanks or armed men, and targets to be avoided as ambulances or civilians.

Software should be done in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

Dr. Allen has applauded the decision to attack ethical dilemmas. “It’s time to think about ethical theories and build software that will ensure that robots will behave correctly.”

“We already have computers that make decisions that affect people’s lives, but ethically, they are blind.”

Dr. Allen said that the US military wants autonomous robots. Most expensive robots are under direct command of the people, because not afford to lose them.

Some skeptics say it will be impossible to make robots that will not make mistakes, or will not commit serious things when they “fail” as in the film Robocop.

Noel Sharkey, a computer researcher at the University of Sheffield, known for its involvement in the show “Robot Wars” is a leading critic of US plans. He says: “I go a chill down my spine. I work in artificial intelligence for decades, and the idea of a robot that can take a human life is horrifying. “

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