How do you create your own app for Android?

Discover how you can make their own .apk app for smartphones with Android, even without programming, and what programs are needed or you can use online tools to create an application.

To achieve mobile applications so you can use special software if they want to create something more complex, but lasts longer, and websites to create mobile applications for Android that are simple to setup.


Creating programs for Android: the best program is evident that offered by the team behind the Android operating system, namely Android SDK that you can download here, and if you use Eclipse and ADT can download the plugin here. Before beginning work on applications, you should first follow tutorials for creating user applications on

The advantages are that you have more freedom, you can add more functions and can use their own design applications, and if you have the account application adding Adsense you can monetize advertising.

The disadvantages are that occupy some memory SDK on your computer, you need some technical knowledge to carry out an application and takes more time to create something of quality. It depends on your knowledge and if you have patience. You understand also that you really need programming skills, a team of investment and to make a 5 star app.

Websites for Android realization: if installing software in your PC is not an option and you have limited time, then you can use online tools available for creating applications for Android .apk.

The advantages are that it takes less to set an application, you can make an application in less than 30 minutes, no need to install software on your PC, and you just have to fill in some details.

The disadvantages are that you can not accomplish very complex applications, in some cases applications will be limited or will have advertising included the website in question.

Appery – is a website that lets you make free Android applications are available more features, is among the most complete development system that I found online, and allows you to test application live directly in the browser. Like I said earlier, there is no need to download a program, everything is “in the cloud” with an intuitive interface, and you can also find tutorials for different types of applications. If you want to create an Android application for personal blog or website must choose based application that will add RSS feed content into the application from the website. It also lets you customize more application because it provides access and programming, editing HTML / CSS. I recommend you try it!


AppyPie – is also a service in the cloud, like the first, but the free plan only allows creating applications for Android and HTML5 platforms. It’s easy to use, practical application setting are guided directly by, but at the same time have fewer customization options. You can see the tutorial in English below:

Now you know how you create an Android application for the site, or how to turn your blog into an app.

If you need to graphically design an application seeking free graphics on GraficBox Romania and for questions or additional tools with which you can develop applications not hesitate to leave a comment or you can ask the board.

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