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iPhone celebrates seven years – how the market has changed since the launch of Apple’s first smart phone.

Seven years ago, on January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, this first smarptone the American company, which was to revolutionize the mobile market.

Business Insider believes that the model has changed the history of mobile devices.

And to honor the celebration of 7 years since launch, newspaper recalled the highlights of the launch of the first iPhone and the changes that have occurred to date.

Steve Jobs introduced the product at Macworld: Apple you currently own press conference. Macworld iWorld is now called, but these events are very popular.

Jobs derided Microsoft: The launch of the first iPhone, the late Steve Jobs showed a quote from a Microsoft official, who testified that they buy Apple laptops, if it had not committed to the company headed by Bill Gates.

Recently, and new CEO of IT giant Microsoft mocked Tim Cook criticized the Surface tablets a few months ago.

Let’s talk a bit about the iPhone 3G.

I think everyone knows that they have an iPhone 3G last year black and proud, that’s right, 16 Gb, 8 Gb not, you have people from pcgarage to offer mobile Apple. I got it when I state to test all phones with touch-screen at Orange Concept Store and felt the difference in speed of response, how to move screen, touch sensation device, how it displays web pages (well, except those which are made ​​in Flash, yet).

Beyond any technical specifications, the iPhone 3G is the perfect combination of phone, laptop, MP3 player, PDA and GPS. Now I look back and try to figure out how many things I could do if I had taken it the iPhone. Even though many criticize the battery, I somehow managed to make twittering live 4 hours from Day Biz, and we managed to film one day întreagă Sea last year on the beach H2O.

At WWDC 2008 on June 9, after finalizing the details of the upcoming App Store, and summing up the original iPhone’s achievements, the late Steve Jobs dove into the next challenges Apple had to face, the next mountain they had to climb. On the surface, they were obvious even before Jobs bulleted them on stage – 3G, Enterprise, third-party apps, more countries, and more affordable. The software changes came as part of iPhone OS 2.0. The hardware, iPhone 3G.

iPhone 3G: More Gs for less Cs

The iPhone 3G, codenamed N82 and model number iPhone1,2, had the same 3.5-inch screen at 320×480 and 163ppi as the original. The cellular radio, however, received a significant update to support 3G UMTS/HSPA networks. That allowed for a much faster – theoretical – 3.6 mbps data transfer. Jobs claimed it was faster – 36% – than other leading 3G phones of the time, including the Nokia N95 and Palm Treo 750, even while rendering a better version of the web.

The Dock connector remained, but Apple changed some of the pins so it no longer supported charging over FireWire, which rendered some accessories incompatible. It had the same Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi as well, but added an aGPS (assisted global positioning system) chip for more precise location services.


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