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The news flying on the Internet, but if you want to be aware of everything we publish daily in Omicrono, follow us with application News Republic.
Every day there are dozens of different stories: new technologies, production techniques, most curious gadgets, amazing crowdfunding projects, projects that you would never think that they could exist and much, much more.

From Omicrono we try to offer you all that, although it is the rhythm that we have in our day to day, it is quite likely that you don’t have the time you want to read all the sources of information that you like.

There who chooses to learn through social networks, for example by following the official accounts of the media, like ours on Twitter – @Omicrono-, but also requires to be aware of the Timeline during the day.

What can we use to follow today anywhere and learn of the latest hours? our smartphone or tablet, of course. Applications of news we have any news instantly and we recommend News Republic, in which you can add Omicrono to your favorite media and not miss anything.

News Republic awarded Best Mobile Media & Publishing App in the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and includes thousands of articles of all the themes that are updated every day. It is also freely available for Android and iOS.
One of the characteristics of News Republic is that it allows you to completely customize your feed of news, being able to choose themes that you like and of course, add a paragraph with websites and blogs that you visit more.

If you don’t want to miss anything of what they publish on Omicrono, you can add it in your News Republic by typing “omicrono” in the search box (the icon of the magnifying glass at the top).


There you will see all the latest articles published in Omicrono, but if you really want to have quick access from the main panel to all of our stories, the star brand simply upper red and ready!
Of course, the articles are complete and with all the photographs and videos embedded and you can even save them offline for those moments at which you don’t have connection to the Internet. News Republic notify you with “Last hours”, although you can also enable the rest period to avoid annoying night notifications (from 23:00 to 7:00, but it is customizable).

The application is free to both iOS and Android, although if you want to get rid of advertising they offer a completely Full version for €2.99 per year.

The network said that three new regular contributors including Zuri Hall, Erin Lim and Sibley Scoles – to its cast added.

As previously announced the co-host star Giuliana Rancic it will cease its role in the daily life of E! News August 10. Rancic will continue to work with the network with functions of co-sponsorship in live from the red carpet and Fashion Police.

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