Pokemon Go receives an update that resolves the complaints

After last week failed to clear a significant number of users that have come to demand money back, Pokemon Go developers have released a new update. Pokemon Go, like any other mobile game, is far from perfect. Precisely for this reason, it needs frequent updates offered players finishing experience. In addition, users get bored and need new content, and this subject is also on the list of priorities of Niantic.


Not the other, but nothing manage to generate $ 200 million profit in one month, if then lose most of the fans. It seems that will not be the case of Pokemon Go. Worse than internet users dependency of Pokemon Go is the large number of accidents in which they become involved in while playing. The newest update for Pokemon Go hoped to reduce the number disastrous circumstances through some very useful features. Basically, we talk and some new features, but the most important is a new notification system which is likely to prevent future disasters.

It was added a dialog that the coach would not have to play when traveling over a certain speed. In addition, coaches should confirm that do not lead to continue to play.

The same update released in the last days improves the accuracy of throws quite difficult, fixex some bugs and for the first time, allows you to change your name in the game, provided you do once. The developer also announced that it is testing a feature that allows players to make life easier. It is a pokemon locator through a menu suggestively titled Nearby Pokemon but you can use pokemon go pokecoins hack.


Currently, only a few Pokemon Go users have access to this additional function. Players will now be able to find information about attack and defense capabilities of a pokemon to determine which of their biggest potential fight. Present at the conference in San Diego Comic – Cos, the three characters have intrigued fans by how they were conceived, saying that some of them are thinking whether to move to another team, all because of physical appearance. Blanche has created curiosity for most players because it is uncertain whether the character is a woman or a man. Fortunately, however, fans have not given too much importance to this aspect.
Places like The Holocausts Memorial Museum or The 9/11 Memorial asked Pokemon Go plaers as much as possible to avoid catching pokemon inside those buildings or locations. Not only military bases and police stations have asked the same thing, even police warning players not to use the app while driving. However, some people seem to take things seriously. It seems that those in Niantic, Nintendo and Pokemon company are sued by a disgruntled couple from Detroit, on the grounds that they violate the property, which creates a great sense of insecurity. The two young men seek to change the way it works GPS map.

Specifically, all locations to be excluded, which is a private properly and not have the owner’s permission. If you see a pokemon in a place that could not be sure to capture, as a building or private property where you can not catch that pokemon, does not. Always there will be another opportunity to capture the pokemon.

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