Snapchat Social Media Safety Guide

There is a way that helps not to delete messages automatically. This is called Snapchat Hack and do this so you need to use.

It has no buttons like, share or comment, Snapchat is largely a proof hate speech. I mean … I can not swear if anyone does not like anything to me, at least the public can do to attract others. So I feel uncomfortable to charge what I want and be more natural!


And on this occasion, I arrived and answer the question “why are people Snapchat, I do not see the point ?!”. Not see the point because they do not try to understand it, because if you understand you conclude that naturalness and authenticity posts on Snapchat are, in fact, the key driver of Snapchat, not self-destructing messages.


Yes. It is widely used. From my observations, 6 out of 10 teenagers use Snapchat. I have a strange defect professional, what networks are careful when people are walking down the street, when shopping or coffee.


So I concluded that a confrontation with other social networks, Snapchat would not place it as low. I have not yet established the details, but I think I can say that we already have a new colleague in the agency. He is 18, is a senior at high school do video editing and design in a big way and she already held some training on Adobe Premiere.


I discovered Snapchat. No, I have not found. We discovered and so we started talking. He timis portfolio in a minute mail and a few days later I had my first video interview via Snapchat.

I think right now Necktie Agency is the first and only agency in Romania who recruited through Snapchat. It was nothing deliberate happened simply because Snapchat gave us an opportunity and we took it. I gave this detail to understand that Snapchat has great potential for many fields, not to boast of our achievements of, because we are not specific.


By the way, I already used for communication campaigns to customers and we are pleased with the results. We do not have anything to compare them, unfortunately, but we are satisfied.

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