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Top online games.This piece comes to psychological explain why nostalgic sigh and mention as extraordinary as Planescape Torment games, Baldur’s Gate, Myst or, more recently, Mask of the Betrayer, Syberia or Half-Life series. Most games that focus on story and still today are RPGs, because the adventure genre remained all alone in a corner, the producers approached mostly small, independent, which does not help any quality, nor popular. On the other hand, from the golden age was the best-selling Myst series on PC, players mentality has evolved at least for the desire for freedom. This is the biggest change that pushed back the adventures and quests essentially highly linear titles (like shooters in their beginnings, when limiting the underground corridors and weight could create open environments processors poor weather ).

In an adventure of a clear direction, even if encountered puzzles can be solved in different ways. In fact, walking straight ahead not only focuses the story, but try and hide the graphical limitations, lack of budget creation and visual details have come today to many to be the primary criterion for judging a game. Moreover, advancing the story you have ideas, you want a situation or another have been made differently, but nothing you can do if that designer did not think of that. Probably need for freedom (or at least the illusion of it) were born single-player open world games and MMOs, as an extension of freedom in a society, just like in reality.

Yet we have the best stories and adventures RPGs. I had them at least, for the last ten years have seen apparently plummeting narrative quality. Or so we think, because we are already saturated fantasy, orcs, elves, aliens and galactic worlds, spacecraft, lasers, good-evil battle that never has an absolute winner. Saturation gives the impression that there is no originality; 20 years ago, we admire those games had the advantage of being of the kind, “their father”, the founders of genres. Do not deny the value or creativity in developing narrative ramifications, but producers should draw more current. And in doing so we have some interesting examples, as Fahrenheit or Heavy Rain, violent or fancy GTA Half-Life.

Much the same applies in the case of puzzles. The beginnings came with riddles be extremely difficult because the solution itself, which requires piecing together of cryptic clues, either because the model “trial and error”. Guess the code to the safe, five colors arranged in a certain order, add ingredients in a potion and resume it if wrong somewhere. In most cases even if you did not receive a piece of the puzzle clues were well resolved, so that the button at random, based on luck. At least from this point of view things have now simplified for clues helped you in-game, and for those eager walkthrough sites are usually detailed and clear solutions.

The appearance cues and even in-game solutions was marked think of Myst IV: Revelation, which included complete resolution of puzzles, the stages of cryptic clues to “Blackberry in the mouth”. And if we make a leap forward, all casual games today use versions of puzzles trial and error, piecing together images, arranging items, but everything is much simpler. You probably do not have time, mood and patience to break off the walls about 5 hours at a single puzzle.



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