Volkswagen presented Phideon

Volkswagen presented Phideon


Volkswagen will stop production in March 2016 Phaeton luxury model that was supposed to compete with Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series
Volkswagen will suspend production in March 2016 Phaeton luxury model, the most exclusive range of German and whose price rises to 89.650 euros (98.100 dollars) amid scandal cost reduction in emissions is produced forward Bloomberg.Phaeton Dresden, the smallest VW factory, and was “soul project” of former president Ferdinand Piech.
Project development cost over one billion euros, and last year were produced only 4,000 units.


Phaeton had to compete with Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series, but never failed to meet sales targets since it was launched in 2002.
“The production in Dresden will be suspended during the restructuring phase,” said Jens Rothe, head of VW workers’ council Saxony.
The plant in Dresden will be modernized for a year here will be produced electric model Phaeton, probably in Dresden 2019. Most employees will be moved to the Volkswagen factory in Zwickau.Joi, VW union representatives announced that the German company will give year 600 future employees with temporary contract work at the plant in Zwickau.
Zwickau unit is the fifth largest VW factory in Germany, where 8,800 employees assemble the Golf and Passat models. Rigging scandal engines, the worst in the history of Volkswagen erupted on Sept. 18, and VW has lost more than 20 billion of market capitalization.

Volkswagen presented Phideon top sedan that gives clues about the next generation Phaeton
Geneva Volkswagen presented Phideon top sedan to be launched in the fall in the Chinese market. The model will be available with four-cylinder engines, and the top version with 300 hp V6 will be. Phideon will be inspired from the next generation Phaeton, the “flagship” of Volkswagen, which had extremely weak sales so far.
Volkswagen presented Phideon. Phideon over 5 meters long and is built on the MLB platform they are built on models like the Audi A6 and Porsche Macan. Phideon addresses wealthy Chinese clients who have driver and who are willing to give tens of thousands of dollars a limousine version germana.Phideon will also have 300 horsepower engine in China, but also more economical 2.0-liter variants. And will in future hybrid version. It is unlikely that car to reach this form in Europe, but the design elements will be found in the second-generation Phaeton that will launch later in 2019.

The car is 5.05 meters long, 1.87 meters wide and 1.48 meters high, is slightly shorter than the Phaeton, but with 3 cm taller. Volkswagen presented Phideon

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